LTCEPP - Long-Term Care and Education Program What is your plan to protect your most important asset -- Your Family?

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There are four stages in an informed Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning process – education, discussion, decision, and finally, care management.

LTCEPP®, my LTC Education and Planning Program, is a comprehensive, common sense approach that encompasses all four. It is focused on raising awareness of the need to plan for long- term care and the consequences on those you love the most when you don’t plan. It begs the question: "What is my plan to protect my most important asset – my family?"

LTC is difficult enough on its own; what makes it even more difficult is a lack of planning. And while LTC insurance may not be appropriate for everyone, it does make sense for many and is an important part of their overall plan.

Along with your retirement income and assets, Social Security benefits are an integral part of your overall financial snapshot as you plan for long-term care. Understanding how to maximize your Social Security benefits and not making premature decisions that can permanently affect your benefits are critical.

The key is to have a plan, period; to be strategic and proactive in approaching the potential need for care in the future rather than allowing your "plan" to be by default.

As a Certified Long-Term Care Planning Specialist (CLTC) and a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA), I can help you determine the most appropriate and affordable planning for your long-term care needs.

Everyone deserves long-term care education and everyone needs to have a long-term care plan. Selecting insurance as part of that plan should be an informed decision.

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