IKOR Advocacy and Life Management for Seniors and Disabled Individuals

With a growing number of offices throughout the United States and six (6) offices in Pennsylvania, IKOR provides professional medical and financial advocacy as well as Care/Case Management and Guardianship services to seniors and the disabled of all ages. With almost 20 years of experience, IKOR of Western Pennsylvania supports Seniors, Special Needs Children, Adults, Veterans, and their caregivers by creating solutions that help clients to live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment. The IKOR Registered Nurse Patient Advocates, Financial Advocates and Personal Needs Coordinators assess needs and create a customized system of care for each client. IKOR provides recommendations in care related areas assisting family caregivers, Legal, Medical, & Financial professionals coordinating overall care working to resolve complex medical and day to day living concerns that might otherwise go unresolved.

IKOR supports their clients in addressing these and other areas as needed:

Medical/Healthcare Advocacy
Care & Case Management/Assessment
Physical Disability Specialist
Mental Challenges, Mental Health, and Brain Injury Specialist
Catastrophic Special Needs Case Management
Pediatric Special Needs Plan of Care
Drug/Alcohol Addiction
Crisis Management (Abuse/Neglect/Undue Influence)
Support for Family Members who live at a distance
Aging-in-Place and Environmental Assessments
Innovative Treatment/Plan of Care Creation
Negotiating/Facilitating Admissions with Retirement Communities or Group Homes
Educational and Vocational Planning (Including Individualized Educational (IEP)Plan Meetings)
Elder & Disability Family Mediation
Agent for Power of Attorney or POA (ad litem)
Health Care Power of Attorney
Profession Executorship
Guardian of the Person or Estate (or Agent for the Guardian)
Elder & Disability Family Mediation
Financial Advocacy /Light Forensic Accounting to address financial abuse or to locate misplaced or forgotten accounts
Daily Money Management (DMM) Routine Bill Pay/Bank Account Reconciliation
Private Elder Abuse Investigation
Special Needs Trust Support & Fiduciary Documentation
Mental Challenges and Brain Injury
Home Maintenance and Modifications for the Elderly & Disabled
Real Estate Liquidation

IKOR of Western Pennsylvania

Medical& Financial Advocacy, Daily Money Management, Case Management & Guardianship Services

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Contact: Patricia Hanson
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